Finland DMC in Indonesia

Visit Finland DMC aims to expand its reach to markets that are possible opportunities for Finland as a destination. This is the reason we are entering the Indonesian market for our Finland DMC services. We have tied up with CV Lestacnora to act as a representative for Visit Finland DMC in Indonesia.

Email Id
WhatsApp chat number +358 45 73962900
Indonesian representative Contact number+62 819-9948-8764
Visit Finland DMC in Indonesia contact mediums

Payment terms and conditions for Indonesian travel agents

  • Travel agents must make payments for confirmed bookings by the specified due date on the invoice.
  • If an international card is used for payment, there will be no extra charge on total amount
  • Opting for payment via an Indonesian bank account for a Finland tour is now possible for Indonesian travel agencies

How can travel agents in Indonesia get a quote for Finland?

  • Travel agencies in Indonesia have to get in touch with the Finland team of Visit Finland DMC by sending an email at
  • The Quote will be prepared by the Visit Finland DMC team
  • The prices will be given in Euro
  • If the travel agent wants to pay in euros via card, the link will be provided to them without any extra charge.
  • If the travel agency wants to pay in IDR, they will have to pay to Lestacnora bank account mentioned below
  • The currency exchange prices will be decided on the day travel agent seeks to make payment to the CV Lestac Nora Indonesian bank account

Indonesian Bank account details

  • Account name: CV LESTAC NORA
  • Bank Account Number: 145-00-1443783-0
  • Bank Name: Mandiri Bank
  • Bank Address: Banjar Pangi Kawan Klungkung
  • Swift Code - BMRIIDJA 

Contract details between CV Lestac Nora and

Effective Date: November  19, 2023


  1. Appointment: Visit Finland DMC hereby appoints CV Lestac Nora as its exclusive representative in Indonesia.
  2. Scope of Representation: Lestac agrees to act as a mediator and representative, facilitating legal and smooth transactions between Indonesian travel agencies and Visit Finland DMC.
  3. Obligations of CV Lestac Nora:a. Mediation: Lestac will facilitate communication and coordination between Indonesia travel agencies and Visit Finland DMC to ensure smooth transactions.b. Legal Compliance: Lestac will ensure that all transactions conducted on behalf of Visit Finland DMC in Indonesia comply with local laws and regulations.
  4. Obligations of Visit Finland DMC:a. Support: Visit Finland DMC will provide necessary support, information, and materials to assist CV Lestac Nora in carrying out its responsibilities. 


Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of any proprietary or confidential information disclosed during the term of this agreement.

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