Finland DMC in India

Visit Finland DMC is glad to announce that we have now expanded our reach to the Asian continent with the help of Lestacworld. We have tied up with Lestacworld to represent our Finland DMC in India. On December 22, 2021, Lestacworld and Visit Finland DMC entered into a contract where Lestacworld was appointed to represent Visit Finland DMC in India.

Email Id
WhatsApp chat number +358 45 73962900
Indian representative Contact number+919146096727
Contact Details for Travel Agencies in India

Payment terms and conditions for Indian travel agents

  • Payment for confirmed bookings is required by the travel agent on the due date specified in the invoice.
  • If the travel agent uses an international card for payment, the package will not be subject to TCS (Tax Collected at Source).
  • When the travel agent opts to pay via an Indian bank account for a Finland tour, TCS is applicable based on the customer's profile.
  • A TCS challan is necessary for processing the booking when payment is made to an Indian bank account.
  • Remittance by the travel agent eliminates the need for a TCS challan.

How can travel agents in India get a quote for Finland?

  • Travel agencies in India have to get in touch with the Finland team of Visit Finland DMC by sending an email at
  • The Quote will be prepared by the Visit Finland DMC team
  • The prices will be given in Euro
  • If the travel agent wants to pay in euros via card, the link will be provided to them without any extra charge*.
  • If in case travel agency wants to pay in INR, they will have to pay to Lestacworld bank account with TCS and GST charges applicable
  • The currency exchange prices will be decided on the day travel agent seeks to make payment to Lestacworld's Indian bank account

Contract details between Lestac and

Effective Date: December 22, 2021


  1. Appointment: Visit Finland DMC hereby appoints Lestac as its exclusive representative in India.
  2. Scope of Representation: Lestac agrees to act as a mediator and representative, facilitating legal and smooth transactions between Indian travel agencies and Visit Finland DMC.
  3. Obligations of Lestac:a. Mediation: Lestac will facilitate communication and coordination between Indian travel agencies and Visit Finland DMC to ensure smooth transactions.b. Legal Compliance: Lestac will ensure that all transactions conducted on behalf of Visit Finland DMC in India comply with local laws and regulations.
  4. Obligations of Visit Finland DMC:a. Support: Visit Finland DMC will provide necessary support, information, and materials to assist Lestac in carrying out its responsibilities. 


Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of any proprietary or confidential information disclosed during the term of this agreement.

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