Ways to travel from Rovaniemi to Kakslauttanen arctic resort?

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort has become an amazing tourist accommodation for Northern Lights chasers. We have seen people often asking for ways to travel from Rovaniemi to Kakslauttanen arctic resort, as there is a lot of confusion about the same. Depending on the requirements, one can choose one of these options -

Rovaniemi to Kakslauttanen arctic resort

Travel Via Bus

  • One can easily get bus from Bus station at Lapinkävijantie 2 to Kakslauttanen arctic resort
  • The bus stop is just 100 meters from Kakslauttanen resort east reception
  • Arctic resort east is almost 5 kms from Arctic resort west
  • Internal transfers are arranged by resort on request
  • It usually costs 40–50 euros per person
  • Rovaniemi to Kakslauttanen resort is around 3.5 hours

Travel Via Cab

  • One can hire a cab from Rovaniemi to Kakslauttanen arctic resort from here
  • Cab drops client from Rovaniemi to Kakslauttanen on the west side, directly to their accommodation
  • It takes 3-hour, beautiful journey
  • You can be picked up from accommodation in Rovaniemi

Car rentals

  • If you are confident in driving on Snowy roads, there is nothing better than car rental from Rovaniemi to Kakslauttanen resort
  • It gives more flexibility
  • It is more cost-efficient
  • A car can be hired from Rovaniemi city here
  • The roads in Lapland are paved and perfect for driving.

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